Pushing Pansy

Cherry Doll has good instincts. Once she is tightly bound she knows better than to struggle or be disobedient. You can see it in her eyes, that stare that tells you this girl is completely under control. Even if some dark corner of her mind is screaming, her body doesn’t betray the slightest hint of free will. All that is left for her is to suffer and obey.

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3 Doms 1 Girl

Dixon Mason is the perfect model for this kind of update, filled with incredible bondage and corporal punishment from 3 of the most twisted minds in the business. Most girls that come through her can barely handle one dom. A select few are able to take the torment of two. Dixon is about to face 3, though, and she has no idea what is in store for her. It will be a true test of her will to submit.

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Pussy Whipped

It is a game of mind blowing juxtaposition. First Veruca James is edged repeatedly. She is pushed just to the very edge or orgasm but always denied the pleasure. She is literally begging for the chance to cum when that wish is turned against her. Once she has had her first she is not allowed to stop. Pinned down, she is forced through a dozen body rocking orgasms.

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Bonnie’s Day

Bonnie Day is a veteran of the BDSM lifestyle. She has been doing this at home for 3 years, but we’ve brought her to the screen to share exactly how hot this sexy little slut is. She likes tight confinement, power exchange, and the feeling of being helpless. She’s a very pretty girl and her the S&M is better when her bondage prevents her from thrashing or moving even and inch.

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Lovely Little Liar

Kristina Rose thinks that playing coy is going to gain her some kind of advantage. Almost as if she thought we wouldn’t notice how much of a bondage slut she is the second we laid eyes on her. Well, if it makes her feel better to pretend like she doesn’t love every second, that isn’t going to slow us down any. As soon as she is tied down her pussy is soaking wet. It is as good as a green light.

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Cherie DeVille has the kind of history we see here all the time. She moved to Los Angeles, hoping to be the next big thing in movies. She thinks that it makes her better than other girls. Worse, she thinks that makes her better than us. Well, we’re going to teach this slut exactly what her place is. This bimbo is going to learn who is in charge, one way or another.

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Bound and Beaten

Bondage makes Maia so horny she is soaking right through her panties. She would be begging to cum if she could get any words out through her gag. That is just what the rope is doing to her. The nipple clamps, whips, vibrators and other toys make her orgasms so hard to contain. Unfortunately for her Elise is an expert in drawing her to the very edge of release and holding her there.

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Double Team Tease

Veruca James is pushed to the edge of orgasm over and over again, but she is denied the permission she needs to cum. Her tormentors use their fingers, toys, tongues and vibrators all around her pussy and clit but they are careful not to go too far. Every action is calculated to keep her as sensitive as possible while holding back her release. She bucks and begs, but there is no relief coming.

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Strappado Stress

Nikki Darling struggles through the stress of strappado, having her arms pulled up behind her so that her ass sticks out perfectly for punishment. She is stuck on the tips of her toes, trying to keep her balance while she is teased, whipped and made to cum. Every orgasm makes her weak in the knees and puts more pressure on her aching arms.

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X Marks The Spot

Mia Gold loves being bound, helpless and under someone else’s power. A quick look at her cunt when she’s tied up will show you exactly what I mean. When she has a dildo positioned just outside of her pussy she will hump at it furiously, trying to get herself off. She strains desperately against the rope, hoping for a bit of relief but we have a long day planned for her and nothing is that easy.

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