Waiting to Please

Jack Hammer is turning Kay Kardia into a canvas for his latest work of art. She’ll be bound in rope, but not just trussed up like a piece of meat. He winds it around her with expert hands, working quickly, but sensually. When she feels his hands on her Kay moans with lust and anticipation. She wants to please him. She wants to satisfy him. And she will. With her sweet suffering at his hands.

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Caged Bird

Gabriella Paltrova is stuck in a cage in a dark dungeon and all she wants to do is go see the birds. She wants to be outside, in the open air, listening to them chirp in the sun. She wants it so bad that she calls Jack Hammer over and begs for the chance. Jack isn’t buying it. He had almost forgotten about this pretty little toy of his, but now he is going to spend the day playing with her.

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Bondage Kitty

Bondage Kitty Freya French needs to learn how to purr. She can meow really nice when she isn’t being pet, but as soon as Jack Hammer lays hands on her she starts with the crying and whining. It’s unacceptable. She needs to learn that if she wants to satisfy a man she will have to control her reactions. Otherwise Jack will have to keep hurting her until she gets it right.

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No Free Lunch

Bonnie Day has a hot date to get to, so Jack Hammer is going to have to be quick. That means no breaks, no time to recover, and no playing around. He wants to put her through some rigorous ties and if he’s going to keep his promise that it “won’t take too long” she is going to have to deal with a fast pace and some rough handling. This is intense, technical rope bondage at its finest.

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Bad Pussy

Angel Allwood is a sexy, blonde, oiled, damsel-in-distress. She has tits that are begging to get tied off and tortured. Really, her whole body is looking like one hell of a tempting target. She’s blindfolded in the center of the room with her arms pulled up over her head, so she knows that something awful is about to happen to her, even if she can’t see it coming.

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Fit To Be Tied

Holy shit, you’ve never seen Hardtied like this. London River is one flexible piece of ass, able to twist herself into shapes you wouldn’t think possible. Jack Hammer ties her up so that she is bent nearly in half. A few more inches and she would be able to eat her own pussy. The strappado she faces next is even more intense. It’s a predicament for the ages and some of the hottest bondage ever.

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Meet Abbybot. She is the next generation of pleasure toy, delivered right to OT’s door. She may look, feel, and even react like a real person, but she is just an object, and one that he owns, which means that he can use her however he sees fit. She’s better than a submissive or even a slave. Unquestioning, obedient, sexy, and submissive, Abbybot is the perfect woman.

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Bubbly Banks

Sasha Banks loves rope, but even she doesn’t know quite how much. She’s done some floor ties before. She’s experienced a bit of corporal punishment. But there is nothing in the world like being suspended while cumming. It’s like flying free and having a double dose of orgasmic endorphins. Jack Hammer is a master of this game. She’ll be his cum-drunk bondage slut before this day is done.

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Deep Throat

Violet Monroe has her dreams dominated by intense fantasies of being tied up in rope and used for some strange man’s pleasure. She goes to sleep at night with visions of Jack Hammer’s strong hands pulling her body into position and then locking her into position with hard bondage. Well, dreams do come true, and this time in better ways than she could imagine.

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Tie Me Up

Girls like Abella Danger come to Jack Hammer and ask to be tied up. She probably thought she’d get some rope around her wrists and ankles, holding her body spread eagle. She may have even anticipated the breast harness he puts on her. What she probably didn’t see coming was an intense, vibrating orgasm while she struggles in a partial suspension. And she definitely never dreamed of what would come next.

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