Tell Me What To Do

Colette Rouge and Elise Graves met at a party. Elise saw her playing in her lingerie and immediately knew that she had to have her. Colette saw Elise, too, and in an instant she felt drawn to her. It’s a match made in bondage heaven. Elise wants nothing more than to possess and inflict pain on Colette and Colette’s mind is so clouded with lust that she would submit to any command.

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Whimpering Willow

Willow Hayes looks like the pretty, girl-next-door type that you would find yourself staring at in a boring lecture at the university. Long, thin legs, a skinny waist and small, firm tits all inspire a series of sexually depraved thoughts. As you would sit there, day dreaming about all the dirty things you would do to her, have you ever wondered what goes through her head? Well, take a look.

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Tie My Tits Tight Please

They really don’t get any better than Darling. Blessed with blonde hair, booming boobs and an ass flawless enough that religions could be founded on it, Darling is the perfect bondage package. She is what bondage wet dreams are made of. And she’s all ours. Today we put this rope slut through her paces and give her what she so deeply craves, the roughest rope bondage that she can handle.

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Tied Up

Harley Ace describes herself as “excited” when it comes to suffering through intense rope bondage for O.T. today. We would describe her as hot as hell. This brunette babe has a beautiful body. Her ass is like a nice, round target. Her tits are small and perky, with the kind of nipples you just want to clamp down until she cries. Her pussy is clean shaven, tight, and gets dripping wet. Hot as hell.

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A Dream Realized

Today is a very special day indeed. It is the meeting up of two legendary Queens of Pain. Elise Graves and Emma are to beautiful women who know the ins and outs of painful pleasure. Elise has received more than her fair of brutal treatments at Emma’s hands but there is a time and a place for everything and right now, right here, it is Elise’s chance to take control and get some payback.

Excerpt from:  A Dream Realized


Daisy Ducati is a pain slut. By that she means she loves having her body tested, being pushed into subspace, and suffering as much painful punishment as she can physically or mentally stand. She has a hot tanned body and is rocking a tiny little skirt that shows off her amazing ass. Her tank top hugs her tits well enough to put all kinds of wicked ideas in our heads.

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Pussy Punishment Payback

They say you should do on to others as you would have them do to you. Well, Jeze Belle did a very bad thing and she is about to get an object lesson in reciprocity. She tore poor Bella Rossi’s pussy up. She finger fucked her so hard that she wasn’t able to go on. Well, clearly we need to torture Jeze’s poor cunt for a bit to let her know exactly what is wrong with that.

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First Date

Mia Li is an exotic Asian beauty. She has marvelous, big, sensitive tits, practically begging to be tied off, pinched, or clamped. Her ass is so nice it would be a crime not to spank it, cane it, or whip it. She has long, black hair, perfect for pulling. So when she showed up telling O.T. that she loves tight, rough rope bondage. Her words and her body are literally asking for what comes next.

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My Time in The Barrel

Nikki Darling is one of our favorite girls to have around. She has a banging body that just doesn’t quit. She is thin, flexible, and can take whatever we decide to dish out. She has the right attitude for bondage, too. When some girls would be begging for mercy, Nikki is always begging for more. This ebony beauty makes the perfect play thing for the sick and sadistic Elise Graves.

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One word says it all with Yulia Catava: Submission. It is her ultimate desire to submit to a higher force power and find something greater than herself. Some people go looking for god when they feel that. Yulia came looking for O.T. She is a sexy young thing. He would never turn her away. Despite her sweet and innocent look she came her begging to be put in her place.

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