Cherried Blossom, Part 1

At some point during their time with us, almost every single model has a moment where they are clearly only scared or only in pain, almost like they don’t want to be doing what they’re doing anymore. Blossom, however, never for one second has that moment. Blossom flinches now and again from a cane stroke or a binder clip being pulled off her tit, but mostly she just eats it up. She lives to take a beating, and right now she is living life to the fullest.

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Tickle Whipped

The Sybian is probably one of the most terrifying devices that we own here at Insex On Demand. Typically, we use it only as a last resort, building up to it over time with our models, but not this time. Matt Williams sits Zoey Laine down on it in the very beginning, a black leather bag over her head, and turns it on high. He delivers lash after lash with his whip, but it’s when she’s just sitting on the sybian, the hood having been removed, that Zoey starts crying.

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Category 5

Dee Williams has been pent up for too long and needs some help to get off and get rid of some of her stress. Matt Williams is available and always ready and willing to help. He ties her up into different positions and suspends her from the ceiling, vibrating her pussy with a hitachi until she cums, gushing all over our studio floor.

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The Sitter

Nora Riley is your typical babysitter, young and naive without a care in the world. That’s why when she finds a job listing, she doesn’t do a background check before springing into action. When she gets there she is met with London River and O.T. and a thousand dollar offer. Of course before she gets that money she will have to get pretty familiar with a diaper, some rope, and an steel dildo, but it’s probably worth it. Right?

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Sierra Screams

Matt Williams has had a long week and is ready to unwind a little by engaging in his favorite activity: hardcore rope bondage and tormenting sexy young women. He ties Sierra Cirque into position after position and goes through rounds of hurting and pleasing her. Each session with the hitachi she has the chance to cum, and if she doesn’t, her next session with the cane, the dragon tail, or the flogger will hurt that much more.

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Stocking Stuffers

Matt Williams and O.T. are such good friends that they got each other matching presents for the holidays: sexy young women, Lauren Phillips and Alana Cruise, for them to inflict whatever kind of torment on they like. Now it is time for each of them to try out their gifts. They use their favorite tricks, their whips, rope, floggers, and vibrators to see just how much the girls can handle.

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One Take

Bella Rossi is all tied up. We find her lashed by her ankles and arms into a kneeling position on the floor between two wooden posts. While she sits there, Matt Williams has his fun whipping, caning, and fingering her to his heart’s content as she whines and drools through a ball gag. When he’s done he lays her down on the floor for some enjoyment in the form of a hitachi and an ass hook.

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Cruel Barber

Lauren Phillips was told by one of her close friends, London River, that she should go check out this one hair stylist, O.T.. What London doesn’t mention is it’s panties, not hair, that O.T. has been known to cut. Now Lauren is tied up in rope and being touched and whipped and there is nothing at all she can do about it.

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Neck Play

Bonnie Day is slim and soft and absolutely irresistible to just about any Dom, and Matt Williams has never been known for his self control. She gets so wet from pain she could almost cum from just a good beating. Matt gets her about as close as he can with nipple clamps, a crotch rope, and a good hard breast whipping before having mercy on her and using some of his toys to let her have her release.

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